How to Unblur StudyBlue and Get Free Accounts

This website contains all the information and resources that I wish I had when I first started using StudyBlue.

Anniversary Announcement:

To celebrate the anniversary of I have purchased 5 Pro accounts to share with everyone:)

StudyBlue Accounts and Passwords

Please be respectful when using these accounts.  Only use them for downloading and viewing the materials you need.  Also please avoid doing the following with them:

  • Messaging or starting conversations with other users
  • Joining any classes
  • Contacting the StudyBlue support or using the help center

These precautions will help to ensure that the accounts do not get deleted, and everyone will get to use them.  To keep the accounts from being flagged for suspicious activity i’ve placed a task required to unlock them.  The task depends on if you are using a mobile or desktop browser, and usually takes about 1-2 minutes.  Hopefully thats not too annoying, but its all i could think of to make sure that only the people that really need the accounts will get to use them.

Have fun and enjoy:)

The Easiest Ways to get Free StudyBlue Access

Sharing Accounts and the Group Buy

If you don’t want to spend $19 a month for a studyblue account you can try sharing accounts with friends or classmates.  The more people you can gather the cheaper it will be for you.  For example with 5 people its $4 a month, with 10 people a studyblue account is only $2 month.

Here are the best ways to find people to share an account with:

  • Post on facebook if anyone is interested in a study blue group buy
  • Put up announcements around campus or school
  • Ask your teacher if you can give a short announcement about your group before class
  • Tell everyone you know about your group,  chances are someone will be interested.

unblur studyblueRefer a Friend

Studyblue’s refer a friend program is a great way to get an account for a short period of time.  By giving a friend access via your coupon code you will receive $19 credit and they will too–its a great win win situation.  You can use this credit to get a free month of access or use it to towards paying for $84 year access.

Coupon and Discount Codes

You can use coupon and discount codes to get %15 to 20% off every month of access, this comes out to be $15 per month.   The best way to get coupons and discount codes is to follow the official studyblue twitter; they release coupon codes to their followers once per week or so.

Unblur StudyBlue Using Tools

There are a few different types of tools the can remove that pesky blur from studyblue, course hero, or chegg.  You can find them on this site as well on various sub reddits and youtube channels.  They use programming languages to automatically alter the javascript that performs the blur.  This can also be done manually, but it is more time consuming and you need to know how to read a bit of code.

Using GitHub to find an Unblur StudyBlue plugin

Github is a website where programmers share their programs for anyone to view and use.  All completely for free.  You can visit the website and just search ‘unblur studyblue’ to find all kinds of cool apps and tools.   When searching be sure to check for the most recently published code, you want something that is as up to date as possible.

Google Chrome StudyBlue Plugins

One downside of github is that there can be very little installation instructions or none at all.  Usually you can figure it out with some googling, but an alternative is to search the google chrome plugin directory.  Try searching for terms like unblur studyblue,  unblur plugin.  Sometimes the word unblur is spelled differently by different people, try un-blur and un blur as well.

These are easy and simple to install.  You can also view lots of comments and reviews to determine whether or not the extension is actually legit, or if it is now out-of-date.